Hello there, my name is Ray and welcome to my random blog. I’m a 17 year old male who has nothing better to do than write random things down and maybe one day reflect back on the random things I’ve wrote. I’m currently doing a post everyday until I reach a year because why not? One day, I just decided that I would post daily and now here I am over 200 daily post lol. If you find this blog by chance, nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy my random post.

Some things about me. I like to play MapleStory and League of Legends. I don’t actually play on the official server and instead, play on a private server known as AriesMS. My IGN is ItsMeRay (lol). For League of Legends, my IGNs are Chamchiii (my main account) and ItsMeRay (my 2nd account). Feel free to add me. I’m currently climbing on ItsMeRay and as of this post, I’m currently Gold IV. My goal is to reach Platinum V by the end of the season.

I also have a YouTube channel. It’s called ItsMeRay (wow, go figure). You can find that right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUZhY6cjYuguJN6fKj-k7zg/

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Well, that’s about it for me. You can read my many posts to find out how my day was if you care enough lol.

Good bye and have a nice day!