Day 251: Stupid Things

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another blog post. August 10, 2017.

How is everyone doing today? So today I did something really stupid 🙂 So you know that idea I had the other day? Yeah well, I did it. So awhile ago, I got these Toxic Waste Candies. They’re these super sour candies. Anyways, I decided to play “Would You Rather” and for each answer that wasn’t the majority, I’d eat a candy. It was not a fun experience 😦 It made my teeth hurt. Sticking a bunch of sour candy in your mouth is probably not the best idea. Look forward to that video on Monday 🙂

1984 is still a boring ass book. Winston just randomly goes up to a person and says that he wants to join the Brotherhood, even though that person could have vaporized him and killed him right then and there. This book is so odd. I still need to finish it soon. I’m such a slow reader xd.

Almost done New Girl. I have like 15 more episodes to go. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have season 6 of New Girl 😦 How sad! I plan on watching The Office next, but I don’t know if I should watch the UK version or the US version :0

Well I need to go take a shower and then read the rest of 1984. Gotta keep myself on top of schedule xd.





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